Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Let's Go Beyond Google

Google and BING are fantastic resources to use, and often times they both are able to effectively and efficiently answer all questions Internet users could possibly have. 

But what about those pesky questions that turn up empty handed when you throw them into a Google search?

Or what happens when the information you are searching for is just not coming up on Google?

There are other options! You just don't know about them!

There are a couple of great web service platforms that I want to take the time to introduce to you all here on this blog. They each have their own personality, and their resources can take an Internet search to the next level.

  • Using hashtags, you can discover trending topics circulating around the Internet much easier on this consolidated search engine. See the connections between topics and people. 
  • Most importantly, it's free!
  • Just sign in with your Twitter handle, and get started linking people, places, and things!

  • "Helping thinkers, designers, scientists – anyone involved in moving the human race forward – to find the precise information that will inform their own efforts is not just our job at Deep Web Technologies, it is their calling."
  • The above mission statement says it all: this platform is intended for business-related inquiries where you dive deeper into the business resources to discover the exact root of the history and processes of your question.
  • The company behind, Deep Web Technologies, also powers other platforms specific to medical questions, engineering, etc. 

  • searches other multiple internet websites to show how your question or topic of interest is shared via other websites and methods, such as images, videos, text documents, and more. 

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