Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting Teenagers into the Library

In order for librarians to get teens into their libraries, they have a lot to compete with these days.

So how do libraries nation-wide appeal to teenagers, and make them put down their phones and their personal laptops, and get them into the library?

It's Hard!

Luckily, here are a few easy and achievable tips and tricks:

  • Try getting out of the library
    • Teens need to realize that there is more the library offers than just the quiet physical building. 
    • By having librarians reach out to students in their local schools, where librarians can talk to students face-to-face about books, and what other services the library offers specifically to them. 
    • This gives the library a personal connection that otherwise is hard to achieve

  • Create a Separate Teen-Only Space
    • Teenagers may be avoiding the library due to the notion of having to remain quiet at all times. However, by creating a separate teen space, they now have a safe space in the library to mingle with peers of their age, without disturbing the other patrons. 

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