Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blind Date with a Book

Mystery Book Dates?

Here is a cool concept to incorporate into your library... have patrons participate in a Blind Date With a Book! Libraries around the nation are taking it into their own hands to set up their patrons with their dream book. 

The books are made anonymous in plain brown wrappings, and library staff members have decorated the outside with words and images in hopes of tempting you to take a chance and read something new and unknown. Blind Date with a Book is an exercise in, truly, not judging a book by its cover.

For example: An adult historical novel says, “It’s 1351 B.C. and you’re about to step into a world filled with drama, political intrigue and a little bit of romance…” A book for teens, tagged as being in the historical/fantasy/thriller genre says, “If someone told you a ‘spirit’ said the Titanic was going to sink, would you believe them?” How about an adult nonfiction title, which asks, simply, “Life of a Maine Farm girl… Is it paradise?”

Do you have a book you think your neighbors and fellow readers would enjoy? Let your library know and they can add it to the mix. Who knows, if you all have fun with it, this might continue indefinitely in your library!

So, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, and would like to take a chance on finding your true book love, come on in, take a look at the displays and see if any of our eligible books intrigue you. The book you choose may end up being a one-time thing, or it could lead to years of happy reading. Either way, we promise we won’t tell!

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