Friday, February 12, 2016

Library Lover's Week

It is not only Valentine's Day this weekend, but this entire week has been Library Lover's Week!

In honor of this week, let's dedicate this blog to what we all love so much about the library. 

Libraries in Rockhampton, Australia in particular are using this celebratory week to their full advantage. Such romance-themed library activities included:

  • Romance Trivia
  • Blind Date with a Book
  • Love-Heart Chess pieces for all the Chess lovers out there

When asked for the reason and inspiration behind Library Lover's week, Rockhampton librarian CR Swadling said: 
 "I'm really encouraging everyone, whether they're young or young at heart, to get on down to their local library as I'm sure they'll discover something entertaining and enjoyable, and I guarantee they'll fall in love with our libraries."

So I challenge all of you librarians and patrons alike, to take full advantage of fun holidays and incorporate themed activities into your local library. It will attract patrons of all ages to come and participate in the festivities of the library.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and remember, Love your Library!

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