Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Cool to Go to the Library

Libraries have an uphill battle to climb when it comes to negative portraying stereotypes. Us library people are often casted as quiet, shy, aloof, nerdy, you name it.


Libraries are not just for quiet study corners, or being shhh-ed by the librarian. Below are some of the best aspects of the library that has anyone CHOOSING to spend their time in one!

Endless book singings and author meet-and-greets

  • Get social with countless clubs offered! These clubs are not limited to book clubs, but rather also include cooking clubs, knitting clubs, etc. 

  • Wi-Fi is expensive, so go to the library and use theirs for free!

Book Sales
  • Get cheap, gently used, or sometimes new books. Stock those bookshelves at home and get to reading!

Tutoring/Media Literacy Help
  • Whether you are a student, or need some help learning a computer program or device, the library offers free help to get you over the hump of knowledge.

Book of the Week:

To go along with the theme of this blog post slashing the stereotypes of librarians, here is a fun read to show insight of some librarian's inside jokes. Such humor keeps us librarians having a good time, and thus able to better provide excellent service to patrons. 

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