Friday, February 5, 2016

Charity Work in Librarianship

We Need Your Help!

We are living in a time where awareness is being constantly spread about various global causes. I would like to end this week's blog post by shedding some light on some great library charities, what they do, and how they help patrons worldwide. 

Why Library Charities are Needed

**65% of fourth grade children read at a "below proficient" reading level 

**One of the best ways to promote literacy in children is to find ways to encourage youngsters to read at home

**2/3 of children living in poverty have no books at home

Examples of Global & Nationwide Library Charities:

Milk and Bookies
Milk and Bookies is a great charity that encourages patrons to bring books to children in needy areas of their communities. 

Book Aid International
Book Aid International is a global charitable organization that delivers donated books to needed areas throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. Since Book Aid International was established in 1954, over 30 million books have been distributed to well-deserving children. 

Reach Out and Read
Reach Out and Read is a fantastic charity that partners with thousands of Doctors and hospitals nationwide to deliver books to children who are staying overnight in the hospital.  

How You Can Help:

You can help contribute to library charity work by donating some books to your local library. Or by asking your local librarian about some volunteer or charity work you can do to help promote literacy. Everyone deserves the opportunity to read and learn, let's all challenge ourselves to help in anyway we can!

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