Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello Blogger World

The title above says it all, this blog post is simply a proper way to introduce myself to the virtual blogging world. But, enough with online etiquette, let's get to the stuff you readers want to read about.

My name is Jenna Hollenkamp, and I am in my third semester as a Library and Information Studies student at the University of Alabama. I can tell you one thing, Alabama's football team isn't the only thing doing big things down here in Tuscaloosa, but the School of Library and Information Studies is too!

(This is the Gorgas Library at UA, isn't is beautiful?!)

Now, a librarian is not a profession most people dream about when they are a young child, it certainly wasn't my dream job. I grew up playing competitive softball, and accomplished my dream of playing collegiately at Ole Miss. Once my softball career was over, I had a minor identity crisis. I went from a life-time of goals, challenges, competitions, and adventures; to suddenly having an empty road ahead.

(This is me sliding into home plate, oh how I miss those days)

To me, the process of realizing I am meant to be a librarian was much like the process of becoming a collegiate athlete. As in sports, the library is an open-ended world full of possibilities, with the librarians being at the helm of such adventure. I loved my leadership role as a team captain for softball, and wanted to translate such leadership into a field where I could lead people to infinite new discoveries.

Libraries, like a sports field, are an environment where patrons leave personal differences aside, and join together in a safe institution where the keys to knowledge and possibilities are given directly to the patron, rather than at the disposal of someone else. The library is now my softball field, where I can maximize my potential, and the potential of others, through freely accessible materials. Patron satisfaction and usability are my new versions of a National Championship.

My intention for writing these blog posts over the next few months is to showcase what awesome things are being done in libraries, both in the Saranac Lake Free Library, as well as nationwide. In addition, each week I will add on here what my personal book recommendation is based on what I am reading. I will also talk about some fun book gossip, such as what current book trends are.

I am looking forward to getting to know you as readers, please do not hesitate to comment on these posts to discuss what you like and don't like. You are the audience, so you deserve a good read!!

My Book of the Week:

  • This book strips away the politics of President Raegan, and provides a detailed account not of Raegan's accomplishments, but rather, how his Presidency was shaped from the assassination attempt on his life, less than 100 days into his first term. This book is an excellent read if you are interested in different angles of politics, and their back stories that often do not make the lime light. 


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