Monday, January 25, 2016

Libraries: Do They Ever Win the Powerball Lottery?

It never occurred to me the cost to run a library, until I began my quest of librarianship. I always assumed that libraries never had financial needs, I mean, they are frequently found so they have to be financially stable right?


Most libraries are state funded, it's actually mandatory to be state funded, and a common problem is that such libraries are fighting for state funding. Most library-based funding is on a flat funding method, meaning that all libraries receive the same amount of money. The issue at stake is, that with the current funding statuses, local programs are threatened to cease, due to lack of monetary support. 

Patricia Uttero, Director of Monroe County Libraries and the Rochester Public Library, says that it is beneficial to bring governmental delegates in, for them "to see what the money is used for in the library." Uttero's budget for Rochester involves a need for $103 million dollars to be used in libraries, with the state budget only allotting her $92 million. 

Libraries are a huge difference maker in their affiliated communities, with regards to teaching of literacy, both printed and media-related. 

Libraries don't just have to receive money through state-funding, however. Donations can also be a wonderful source of funding that showcase to the community both the need and respect for libraries by fellow patrons and citizens. A great example of this is found through a group of patrons donating $250,000 in grant money to Colorado Springs libraries. Every donation amount, both large and small provides a great benefit to the receiving library, with funds going to anything as small as paper supplies for children activities, to re-building wings of the library. 

Lesson Learned From This Blog:

  • Do not assume your local library is the lucky winner of the recent Powerball lottery! Donate in anyway you can, whether it is money, supplies, or volunteering your time!

Recommended Book of the Week:

This book has a special place in my heart, because like Michael Orr (football player in this book), I also was a student athlete at Ole Miss. This is a great time for this recommendation as Michael Orr, current player for the Carolina Panthers, is heading to the Super Bowl next week! This story showcases the upbringing of Michael Orr, and how his adoptive family took him in and introduced him to football. A great read about a fantastic football player and his family life!

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