Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Importance of Summer Reading

Summer is getting closer and closer, which means the infamous topic in the library is surfacing as well...

Summer Reading

I don't know about you, but I dreaded Summer reading all through school, but there are a lot of important uses for these programs, such as:

  • Children who don't read over the summer experience summer learning loss. That's right -- kids don't just feel like they've forgotten some of what they've learned -- they actually do forget it. And the effect is cumulative. Kids who lose reading skills over the summer will be two years behind their classmates by the end of 6th grade. By joining a Summer Reading Club, kids can prevent this from happening.
  • Summer Reading Clubs encourages kids to read whatever they want, which helps instill a love of reading for recreation. Studies show that kids who read for fun often out-perform kids who don't in school.
  • Summer Reading Clubs and all of its associated activities are absolutely free, offering everyone safe, educational opportunities throughout the summer.

Here are some ways to make Summer Reading fun:

  1. Create a reading nook in your home.
  2. Make an event of getting a library card for your kid.
  3. Add an audience.
  4. Start a book club. 
  5. Make a scrapbook.
  6. Read for pleasure, but recognize your child’s accomplishments.
  7. Send a letter to the author.

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