Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy National Library Week!

It's the most wonderful time of year... for libraries at least!

For it's...

National Library Week!!!!!!

This year's National Library Week theme is: Libraries Transform. The theme is meant to serve as a reminder that libraries are not just what they have for people, but what they also do for as well as with people.

With technology become increasingly relevant in today's libraries, they not only are a place to check out books, but also serve as a place to possibly use a 3-d printer, edit a video, or use software such as music recording and production. Technology training is also an essential part of the backbone of library services in the Web 2.0 era. Libraries today also serve as the meeting place for groups and hobbies, due to the shift of their physical spaces being more of an information commons space.

But National Library week is not meant to just to show you of the ways libraries are helping patrons and tranforming lives, it is also meant to be celebrated! Here are a couple of ways you can help to celebrate National Library week at your own library:

  • Go and visit your library

    • This may be an obvious one, but libraries across the nation are hosting celebratory events this week, so go check it out!

  • Show Your Support on Social Media

    • Libraries are becoming increasingly more prominent and popular on social media platforms. Use your own social media accounts to share your love for the library. It serves as a free promotion for your local library and invites more patrons in. 
    • This week use the hashtags: #NWL16 and #LibrariesTransform to be apart of the national campaign of library appreciation. Also, follow "I Love Libraries" on Facebook to see how libraries nationwide are participating!

  • Create your own statement

    • During National Library Week we're asking you to create your own Because Statement. Just fill in the blank telling us why libraries matter to you or your community. One randomly selected winner will receive a $100 gift card and a copy of "Secret Coders," by Mike Holmes and Gene Luen Yang, our National Library Week Honorary Chair.

However you decide to celebrate is up to you, but be sure to in some way show your appreciation for your library, and all of the services it provides to you and your community! Libraries Rule!

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