Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Elementary, my dear Watson"

I have already shared with you my love of a good mystery and mentioned Sherlock Holmes, but after a recent discovery I felt that I needed to mention him again.

My family is a Netflix family. We enjoy the $7.99 a month that offers a great variety of movies and T.V. shows we wouldn't otherwise catch and all commercial free. We have decided that because our T.V. watching habits are minimal, it doesn't pay to have cable or anything other such expensive offering. Instead we get whatever channels come through the antenna (PBS is a family favorite!) and Netflix. Once in a while in the evenings after a frightfully long day of busy in whatever form, my husband and I like to find a good show to unwind with.

It was on such a crazy day that we discovered the BBC's Sherlock Holmes. First off you have to understand that I love myself a good British drama…it's the humor, dry and ironic. Second off they take a classic character and recreate him and his good friend Watson in 21st century London. It is masterfully done! Last, the cinematography is artistic and unique. We have not exhausted the series by any means but we are looking forward to our next evening of unwinding. I have been very impressed with how they have been able to keep the heart and soul of Sir Author Conan Doyle's writings and characters and yet bring all of it into our world. It is genius.

So, if you are interested in a night of unwinding with a good series, I suggest you give Sherlock Holmes a try!

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  1. I too enjoy the series. The episodes are a very modern interpretation of Doyle's work. It's really interesting because we have all read the books so we know the stories. But the way the journey progresses in this series is very well done.