Monday, October 21, 2013


Halloween (and apparently winter :-)) is upon us. I know that many different families equals many different traditions when it comes to any holiday or celebration. In my family Halloween or more specifically trick-or-treating is not an option: it is a mission. My husband is as much a part of it as the children and has "coached" them on how to be the most productive which remaining polite and gracious. He even gets the dog involved carrying a pack for candy overflow. It is quite an ordeal and honestly a lot of fun.

Along with the joy of trick-or-treating, Halloween brings the opportunity for "ghost," mystery, and all-things-frightening stories. I am a sucker for mysteries myself. I love to snuggle up with a good cozy and delve into a mystery murder with a memorable character that I can't help but love. I remember fondly the winter that I was expecting my first child and living in a new city, I purposely found an apartment near the local library and steadily read every single Agatha Christie novel ever written. Ever since that winter I have unconsciously gravitated toward cozies to fill the cold days. What books do you love for the winter months?

Here are some of my favorite cozies:

 Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce is a fun, quirky, and very memorable character. I stumbled unto this series my first winter in Minnesota and was not disappointed. Now, I wait for the next one to some out!

 Agatha Raisin, M.C. Beaton's character, is either loved or hated but never forgotten. I personally find her gruff ways and envy of youth to be charming and even insightful. This is another series I am always look for.

This is an Agatha Christie favorite for me. If you like this genre at all, grab this one!

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