Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hallo-reads for Little People

So, considering that I wrote a post of great Hallo-reads for the big people (adults that is), I thought it would only be fair to write one for the little people (also known as children). I know that my children love to celebrate holidays with a great book, and in our house we have created traditions that include special books that we read aloud and enjoy every year. It is a great way to encourage literacy while building fun traditions that will never be forgotten! That being said here are a few of our favorite books and one of our favorite movies as well.

What says Halloween better than bats? In this fun book children are introduced the the wonderfulness of the Public Library as they peruse it through the bored bats who find the open window.
This is a great fall book that makes math and science fun! Come along with the class as they follow their question to the end and discover that small things have a lot of surprises.

In this fun and colorful pop-up book, children get to follow the character as he searches for a monster - the exact one he wants.

The search for the perfect Halloween costume is a challenge for Tucker the pup. In this entertaining book, children are invited along as Tucker searches for a halloween costume that isn't cute but spooky!

Every child can relate to Little Mummy who wants to play another game of hide-and-seek with Mummy. This is a great bedtime read for any little one.

I had to throw in this classic - always a fun watch that includes popcorn. A great way to relax and create family memories.

I would love to hear of any others you would add to this list. What would you suggest for good Hallo-reads?

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