Friday, May 10, 2013

My Virtual Internship

Hello, dwellers of Saranac Lake!

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Joanna Crump and I am the first (as far as I know) virtual intern for the Saranac Lake Free Library. That is to say, my internship is virtual. I myself do reside in a physical space.

But virtually speaking, I am in a lot of places! I am currently working on my Master's degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa while living in Portland, Oregon, and interning in Saranac Lake, New York. As an aside, I was born in Louisiana, and have lived in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and California.

So yes, I'm a traveler, but a Southern girl at heart, and I will you probably call  you "y'all" on occasion. Don't be alarmed.

I can honestly claim that I HAVE visited the Andirondacks, but unfortunately I did not get the pleasure of visiting Saranac Lake. However, from what I have heard and seen (virtually, of course), it is a stunningly beautiful place that I hope to learn much more about.

I am really looking forward to getting to know the Saranac Lake community and I hope you'll join me on this blogging adventure. Be sure and Like the SLFL page on Facebook, because you'll catch me there, too.



  1. And we are very happy to have you here!

  2. Welcome to the North Country, Joanna! As a fellow librarian (a school librarian, to be precise), I'm looking forward to your blog posts.

  3. Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Welcome, Joanna!!

    HOW INCREDIBLY EXCITING!! I was THRILLED to get the Facebook post, indicating you had become a Virtual Intern at OUR wonderful library!

    Saranac Lake, as you may or may not know, is the Capital City of the Adirondacks, by proclamation of the New York State Legislature, and the Adirondacks' "COOLEST PLACE" both literally (far too often - just yesterday, at 20 degrees!!), and figuratively. It has been my adopted hometown for 25 years now, and a truly wonderful place!

    The Saranac Lake Free Library is one of the most wonderful and welcoming places in our very vibrant community, and I count myself (a self-proclaimed "reading junkie"!) to be well and truly blessed to have such a wonderful resource, with such extraordinarily kind and helpful people, so near and so accessible!

    I am a member of the SLFL Book Group, and so welcome you there, as well!

    I am hopeful you will be lucky enough to visit our wonderful community one day - it is SO worth it! - but am pleased to have you as a "virtual" member!
    With warmest regards - Suzanne Miller
    PS - you wouldn't happen to have any relatives in the Chateaugay, NY area, would you?

  4. No relatives that I'm aware of in New York! Most of mine are distributed across Missouri and Arkansas, with a few outliers like me. :-)

    Looking a map recently, I realized that I have actually been close to Saranac Lake, and perhaps passed through it, on a road trip between Georgia and Kingston, ON once. I remember going through Placid Lake, and that's only a few miles away, isn't it?

    I just love the Adirondacks. I grew up in the Ozarks, so forested mountains are home to me. The Adirondacks have the same feel, but are so much more majestic. Getting to know you all here, I will have one big excuse to visit again!

    1. Joanna -

      Yes, Lake Placid, NY, USA, site of the 1932 AND 1980 Winter Olympics (and home of the MIRACLE ON ICE, the historic match between the USA and the [then] USSR, which the USA hockey team won), is about 10 miles to the east of our historic village. The" local "movie theater is located there (4 screens, with first-run movies!), as well as many restaurants, hotels and TWO major grocery stores. They also have a Starbucks (-sigh-). Not to be outdone, we, here in the Capital City, have our very own Blue Moon Cafe, with their own wonderful blends of locally roasted beans (and it costs a whole lot LESS!!), not to mention KILLER Irish Oatmeal!! :-)

      I am glad to share this bit of "flavor" of our area - I have heard the Ozarks are very lovely, and in ways, similar to the Adirondacks. I have never been, but would like to one day visit.

      Pleased to have you on board with us, and am looking forward to "sharing" our May book with you! Thanks for allowing this brief "tour de Adirondacks" As you can probably tell, I am NUTS about the place!! :-)

  5. So many people to seem to be! All the reason more to visit one day!