Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Murder, mystery and mayhem in Northwestern Alaska

Twice this past week I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish a book; both of which were written by Stan Jones. The first was White Sky, Black Ice and the second was one of our newest arrivals here at the SLFL: Village of the Ghost Bears: A Nathan Active Mystery. In it we meet Alaskan State Trooper Nathan Active who in a stroke of bureaucratic irony is stationed in his birth village of Chukchi, a remote Input village in rugged northwestern Alaska which happens to be just about as far from the bright lights of Anchorage has he could have been sent.
There are enough interesting folks living in the middle of nowhere that things are never boring for Trooper Active. And once you throw in political intrigue, murder, bush pilots, hunters, guides, emotional baggae and the complicated family trees and responsibilities of the region, you have the recipe for a good read. I also liked that all of the folks living in Chuckchi seemed to get around by either snow machine or four wheel ATV depending on the season.
To find the book just look for it with the other new arrivals on the 7 Day Book shelves. Or if you can't get into the library right away come to our web site and make a request.

And here is Mr. Jones official website:

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